Universal EventZ

This is a XML driven website with Deep Link. It’s not only supports deeplink,fullscreen background with 15 effect,slides with 13 effect,musicplayer, social button,about,news,services and support image/video gallery,php contact.

The website was built for the Event Management company named Universal EventZBased in Delhi, India the company provides it’s services to people around the town.

The website was built with flash to give a creative and appealing look and feel, and to keep the the user on the site there have been included optional music player. The contents of the flash are driven through xml. Aslo, the images, and backgrounds are also through external sources residing on the server. It reduces the size of the files, and thus better utilization of resources. Moreover this helps in avoiding of slow loading of the flash files which might lower a website’s rankings. The contact form also has a flash backend to view entries and edit conntact details or even for replying to user’s queries from within the admin area.

Various modules have been used in the website, and all the modules have their content driven through xml. There’s a wide support for image formats and a large no. of images.

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